Introduction To Gogo Band

Everybody must have heard about Gogo band if not, the given article offer a brief introduction to Gogo band. This introduction will give major details about Gogo band. Gogo band is an American female pop band that became a big hit and popular during 80s. It became one of the most pleasantly surprising success stories of the early '80s, transforming from an LA punk band into new wave pop superstars. In other words, Gogo is the subgenre of funk which has its origins in Washington, D.C area, during mid to late 70s. Sometimes Gogo refers to all the American female pop bands. Read on to discover more information on Gogo band.

As we have mentioned that Gogo band is a subgenre of funk, only a few bands contributed or encourage to the early evolution or beginning of this genre. As a matter of fact, the singer-guitarists Chuck Brown is attributed or credited for the development of most of the hallmarks of the style. Technically, Gogo’s important beat is characterized by a syncopated, dotted rhythm that comprises of a series of quarter as well as eighth notes such as quarter, eighth, quarter, space/held briefly, and so on which is highlighted most noticeably by the bass drum, snare drum and hi hat is garnished by the other music instruments particularly by the conga drums, timbale as well as hand-held cowbells.

Going further with the introduction to Goga band, we can say that this band is somewhat unique from other. The unique things which make this band unique is the instrumentation with 2 standard Congas and 2 "Junior Congas", 8" and 9" wide & about half as tall as the standard Congas, a size rare outside of Go-Go. It has been known that they were generally introduced to Rare Essence by Tyrone Williams -aka- Jungle Boogie long times ago when they were not able to afford sufficient full sized Congas, and are pervasive ever since. Gogo band introduction reveals that swing rhythm is also often implied. Another essential attribute to consider in Gogo is call-and-response vocals with the crowd on concert.

In general, Gogo music is little familiar outside the D.C. Metro area, including the District of Columbia and the city's outlying Maryland as well as Northern Virginia suburbs. Subsequently, the comparatively little commercial success go-go bands have enjoyed has largely been a product of the genre's following in this geographic region. Nevertheless, the style continues to evolve. And later on the band became popular amongst the people. However, the above introduction to Gogo precisely describes about this band and it evolution.