History Of Gogo Band

When we look into the history of Gogo band, it can mainly be traced back to one person Chuck Brown. Gogo band is just described as a subgenre of funk. The precise origin of Gogo band can be dated back to mid to late 70s in Washington D.C area. Only a handful of bands contributed or encourage to the early evolution of this genre of funk. But singer-guitarist Chuck Brown is credited with having developed most of the hallmarks of the style.

Looking back to the history of Gogo band, Chuck Brown was the one who fixed Washington & Maryland music scene in his band named the soul Searchers in 1966. But during mid 1970s, Brown had improved a rhythm heavy style of funk mixing with AfroCaribbean rhythms & instruments, giving performance with one song combining to the next. About the beat it was based on one used in Grover Washington, Jr.’s song ‘My Magic’. In an interview he revealed that both he and Washington had modified the beat from a gospel music beat found in black church.

In the Gogo band history, Aggression, a popular local band during 70s used rhythm breaks to make fans dance while preparing for the next song or fixing guitar strings. The band became popular and they began holding dance competitions or contests during the rhythm breaks. Most of the people or audiences look forward to these competitions and band's style evolved to where the beat would stop only occasionally during the course of a show. In 1976, a young DJ James Funk started a band called Rare Essence. He was inspired by Chuck Brown and the band played the same kind of music.

Another band named as Experience Unlimited also started out during 1970s. The band was influenced by rock and after observing Rare Essence in late 70s, they modified or adapted their style to incorporate gogo beat. Another band called Trouble Funk played with Chuck Brown and adopted the gogo beat. However, Go-go's first national chart action came when Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers released their "Bustin' Loose" single in late 1978; it reached the 1 spot on Billboard’s R&B chart and held it for a month during February and March 1979. Later on Gogo music style continues to evolve and flourish. It became popular amongst the people. This briefly shows the history of Gogo Band.


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