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Gogo band is an American female pop band which became a big hit in 80s. In other words, Gogo band became one of the most pleasantly surprising success stories of the early '80s, transforming from an LA punk band into new wave pop superstars. However, the Gogo band also refers to the entire female pop band in America who hit it big in the 80s. Discover everything about Gogo band at this place.

The original Gogo band was formed in the year 1978. But later on the band replaced the drummer as well as the bassist and added new guitarist/keyboardist. Gogo band names became a big hit and popular in 80s, the band’s three studio album albums contained a high percentage of quality '80s songs ranging from punkish rock to vibrant new wave to pure pop. The band’s hit single "We Got the Beat" released in 1985 became their biggest hit of all time. For more information on all Gogo bands you can read our contents.

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